A different reveal, this time

In 2018, I learned that come March 2019, I’d be a father.

It was a wild year spent juggling an increasingly complex personal life with the added pressures of work projects rapidly approaching deadlines. Amidst the chaos, my partner and I decided to throw a gender reveal event for family and close friends. I discovered I’d be father to a baby girl that day.

It was amazing (both the party and the news).

Now skip ahead a little. 2020. A year that brought with it something unprecedented in modern times – a pandemic that effectively halted social events. Reminiscing about that 2018 gender reveal, I imagined holding something similar in the 2020 climate. “Surely it wouldn’t have been possible‚Ķ How fortunate we were”, I concluded. Oh the irony. Not long after this little thought experiment, I found out that my family would be growing, once more – a baby boy would be joining our ranks at the beginning of 2021.

Strange times called for strange solutions.

After a little deliberation, I found myself resolving to write a partial clone of the retro cult classic, PAC-MAN… and within the game’s win screen, I’d decided to nest a baby announcement for anyone who was able to make it that far.

I had to design it with all levels of skill in mind. One ghost, one level. It took a couple of evenings over a weekend to sort out.

The end result was an absolute hit. Friends and family took to the challenge without knowing what awaited them should they succeed. Everyone got there in the end!

On the odd chance that you might want to check it out for yourself, please feel free to download it here: pacman.zip


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